Winning Boxing Gloves 2023

Why we should wear boxing gloves? Many people think that gloves are used to protect the head. But the main reason is to protect the fist and wrist area from injuries. Without boxing gloves, your hands are more vulnerable than your head. When you punch someone with force, your hand will get a reactional force which could cause you as much damage as it causes to your opponent.

A powerful punch to the jaw bone may knockout your opponent but could also injure your hand. But landing the punch with gloves might not be much of a deal whereas with bare-knuckle could result in a broken fist. Because gloves will absorb most of this impact force enabling you not only to protect your hand but also to hit your target with much higher force without worrying much about your fist.

There are a lot of boxing gloves manufacturers available in the market. It now became an uphill task to choose the right boxing glove that not only good in terms of construction and long-lasting ability but also provides you complete protection against any damage and allows you to throw powerful punches. In this matter, WINNING boxing gloves have got you covered! WINNING is the high-quality brand of Japan that provides fighters ultimate protection with durable and best quality boxing gloves.

It is advisable that always choose the brand that stands out best among other companies in its industry and for boxing gloves, there is none other than WINNING boxing gloves. This is such a brand on which you can blindly trust. However, these gloves are very expensive but they definitely worth the buying. So invest in your safety!

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WINNING Training Boxing Gloves 16 oz MS600

These are the best lace up versions of gloves you can ever have. The quality and durability they provide is highly appreciable and make them stand out among other brands’ gloves. They offer much more protection than other brands as they have thick layers of padding and you should definitely prefer this. Then buy the lace-up gloves when you want to do exercise and training.

Even when you misuse it for many years, the quality of the leather and filling will last longer. You can change the color of the laces according to your choice. Winning Boxing Gloves are an investment in protecting your wrists and hands for years and will greatly reduce your chances of developing chronic injuries. Your sparring partners will thank you for the padding!

  • Lace-up type
  • Safe and best quality
  • Anti Thumbing Style
  • Very easy to put on and off
  • Only available in 16oz
  • Laced gloves need someone to get you in and out of the glove

WINNING Training Boxing Gloves 16oz MS600B

No better glove on the market that protects your hands better than this one! They are 10/10 in wrist support, hand protection, build quality, padding and pretty much any other way you can judge them. Winning boxing gloves are expensive, but they are worth it. These gloves provide the best protection for your hands you’ve ever had.
Your hands feel no longer hurt even after hitting the bag 3-4 times a week because their quality is unmatched. Your sparring partner would appreciate it when you use these gloves “against” them, too.

  • Hook-and-Loop strap
  • Anti Thumbing Style
  • Long-lasting
  • Available in dozen of colors
  • Durable Velcro fitting
  • Only for heavy-hitters

WINNING Training Boxing Gloves 14oz MS500

The gloves offer a secure and comfortable fit, and the gloves grip your hand making it easy to secure, and give a really good balance of weight on your hands allowing for maximum comfort in hand-speed. Nice sleek design and not as bulky as other gloves. Winning boxing gloves are well worth the money for any serious fighter.

The padding also protects the hands very well. There is a reason why so many professionals use this brand. Highly recommend for paying the money to get a high-quality pair of gloves, it will be worth it in the long run!

  • Manufactured by Winning in Japan
  • Safe and best quality
  • Anti Thumbing Style
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Comfortable
  • Not for bag trainer

WINNING Boxing Gloves 14 oz MS 500B

These gloves would be good for both male and female fighters. It doesn’t only heal your hands and doesn’t ache, rather it protects your hands better than any other glove and the padding doesn’t even hurt your sparring partner too. During training, they feel so snug making it feels like you are barely wearing them.

These are a little pricey but well worth the money if you are a competitive fighter. It can’t resist you to saying that best investment in hand equipment! This pair of glove protects the hands so well that never let you sparring or working with any other brand ever!

  • Longest life expectancy
  • Nicely designed
  • Tight fitting
  • Highest price

WINNING Professional Boxing Gloves 8 oz MS200

These Gloves are considered the best in the boxing gloves industry! You can compare these with other brands and see how they play. You would see the difference that these boxing gloves have the ability to use many times while maintaining their life expectancy. And thus, Winning Professional Boxing Gloves would definitely be your favorites.
The perfect size and high-quality material are their expertise. These gloves will keep you safe from any harm.
So only go for the Winnings Professional Boxing gloves, if you want a solid material!

  • Manufactured by Winning in Japan with the craft
  • Safe and best quality of Japan
  • Lace style
  • Easy and quick to put on and off
  • Quality material increases its longevity
  • Hard for some users

WINNING Boxing Training Gloves 12 oz Professional Type Black MS-400 by WINNING

Best gloves and delivery time is right on! Honestly, these gloves are great. Even if you have no need for gloves, but when you find, you can’t control your hands to get these gloves. You will be surprised after ordering from the Amazon that they provide what they claim.

Beautifully made with leather, soft padding and the thumb is the best part. It feels so natural compared to other brands’ boxing gloves and the positioning and design of the glove are matchless. Best gloves for training and sparring no doubt!

  • Authentic Winning gloves
  • 3-4 years life expectancy
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Amazing customer service
  • A bit costly

WINNING Professional Boxing Gloves 10 oz MS300

You would be wondering to know that you can do training with 10oz Winning boxing Gloves hitting the bags and pads and also fighting as well. Yes, they’re for both; heavy punching and little training. The tick foam pad in the middle of the glove is suitable to soak up all the impact forces and also generate the feelings of different kinds of punches towards the target.

They’re not so big that you can cover your whole face. The wrist support feels so strong when you wear it tightly. You can easily wear in your hand. Best boxing gloves ever!

  • Accurate size
  • Breathable material
  • Wrist stability
  • Lace-up closure
  • Accurate sizing information
  • Limited colors available

Buying Guide

The winning boxing gloves get distinction with its qualities and features that separate them from other brands’ boxing gloves. We are plump it out every little detail of winning boxing gloves that you need to know to buy for yourself!

Weight / Size

The rule of measuring is that your body weight would define what size of a boxing glove you should buy. Or even you can go for any size according to your choice. But it is advisable that thick and heavy glove can best match with the heavyweight body or thin gloves can go for the less weight body.  You can also consult with your trainer to choose the right oz of the boxing glove.

What size of glove do you need? The boxing gloves aren’t sized according to your hand because different brands have different measurements of hand size. Boxing gloves are like feet you need to try on a bunch of shoes in order to find out which one fits you.


More quality material is used in the making of the boxing gloves, more it gives you a perfect fit and comfort to your hand. It will directly impact the price of the winning boxing gloves. Padding plays an important role in making solid boxing gloves. Therefore, always go for the glove that has multiple thick layers of padding inside.

You must look for a boxing glove made with leather material as this factor makes the boxing glove more long-lasting. Keep in mind that you should invest in your safety so winning boxing glove will protect you against injuries.


Winning boxing gloves have answered the toughest question about how to get the right fit boxing glove. When you wear boxing glove in your hand, how your thumb and fingers feel while operating, if it is fit but not comfortable for your hand and to not move the blood circulation in your fingers, then it is not the right pair for you! Your fingers should fit comfortably in the glove.

Wrist Support

Anyone who has weak wrists or even hypermobility and wants to get into the boxing for training but faces some difficulties in moving the hands because they hurt after some bag work. No need to worry, Winning Boxing Gloves has resolved this issue by making their solid gloves with the layers of soft padding which will protect their wrists against any damage and provide them firm wrist support and control.

Different types of boxing gloves

There are different types of gloves that may suit a specific fighter. So here is the answer of most common question of what boxing glove should you get.

Boxing gloves

Classic boxing glove tends to be round about 10-12 ounces of padding in the knuckles used for your general kind of bag work and your partner work for doing skills and drills.

Sparring gloves

Sparring glove is 14, 16 and in some instances 18 ounces of padding in the knuckles a lot more protection because obviously these are used to actually punch in your sparring partners so there is a higher level of padding to give a further amount of protection.

Bag gloves

Bag gloves are the lowest amount of padding out of three types of gloves. These are specifically for hitting the bag or the pads.

The thumb piece of the boxing gloves and sparring gloves are padded whereas in the bag gloves, it is not padded.


What are Velcro boxing gloves and lace-up gloves?

Lace boxing gloves offer a tighter, snugger fit for so they are the preferred choice by professional fighters. The drawback of the lace gloves is that they require another person’s help to tie them on for you. This can be cumbersome. Velcro gloves can typically be put on by just one person and are more convenient than their lace counterpart. Most pros who use lace gloves also own hook-and-loop or Velcro gloves for when they are doing bag work and are not competing.

What is the difference between boxing gloves and mitts?

When you compare boxing gloves and mitts with the same weight like 12 oz, you would see the difference that the boxing glove is thick on the front because you are constantly punching in fighting the person so you need to protect your fist. So it is pretty much solid than mitts. On the other hand, mitts are the thin gloves because you are only punching like half the time on the punching bag and they just give your hand a little more movement as well.

What are boxing gloves filled with?

Inside the boxing glove, there is a hand-shaped structure. This soft and flexible body is covered with the layers of horsehair pads. Some boxing gloves are filled with foam pads.

Is boxing more dangerous with gloves?

Using boxing gloves in fighting will allow you to hit harder than bare knuckles. As they increase the force of the blow that is landed in the fight.  This can be dangerous for the opponent because it really hurts.

What oz boxing gloves do I need?

There are different boxing gloves whose weight range from 6 oz to 20 oz for the different types of boxing. It is up to you or your trainer to choose the right oz of the glove for training or professional boxing match. You can go for the lighter gloves as well as heavier gloves according to your weight or even your own choice.

What does 12 oz boxing glove mean?

Different sizes of gloves have different layers of padding. The much heavier boxing glove has the multiple and thick layers of padding than the lighter glove which has lesser and thin layers. The gloves used in a professional match are lighter which are between 10 and 12 oz; whereas the gloves used in fighting and training are 12oz, 14 oz and 16 oz depending on the person’s weight.

So, 12 oz boxing glove is used in both training and fighting match.

What boxing glove weight should I get?

Boxing gloves have different weights available from 8 oz to 20 oz. Each glove has its own use. Like children wear 8 oz to 10 oz. For the training on a heavy bag or in the fighting with the opponent, the boxers usually wear standard sizes of gloves that are 12, 14 or 16 ounce.

Why do boxers use gloves?

Boxers use gloves to protect their hands and fists to lessen the damage and to reduce the facial injuries but also to hit the opponent with much force. Because a powerful punch to the jaw bone may knockout your opponent but could also injure your hand.

Why do boxers hug?

Boxers usually hug each other in boxing as it is an art of fighting known as Clinch fighting. It seems as an unsportsmanlike or boring but actually it is a great tactic not just defensively but offensively as well. Boxers use this clinch as a weapon against the opponent in boxing gyms.

How long do boxing gloves last?

The longevity of the boxing gloves totally depends on their usage how much you train on a bag or fight in a match. Never use the gloves anymore when you are not comfortable with because they are no longer helpful to protect your hands.

What gloves are used in UFC?

Ultimate Fighting Championship is the Mixed Martial Arts promotion Company in the world, whose MMA gloves have less layers of padding than boxing gloves, but it will give your hand much support to throw harder punches. These gloves are used by highest level fighters. That’s why also known as grappling gloves.

What are UFC gloves made of and how many ounces they have?

UFC gloves are MMA gloves used in wrestling. These bare-fingered gloves filled with thin layers of padding and the soft synthetic leather is used in the making of MMA gloves.  The MMA Gloves just a few millimeters of leather nearly 100 grams of padding and exposed fingers. They look less padded than the traditional boxing gloves and they contain almost 4-6 oz.


If we give any name to WINNING boxing gloves, then it would be the “perfect boxing gloves”. As you expect when buying boxing glove; exceptional quality, outstanding craftsmanship, strong leather, beautiful coloring, top-notch stitching and of course the most high-quality padding that you can’t find in any other glove except the WINNING boxing gloves.

As far as scoring, you definitely get a lot of life out of it because of the padding which protects your hands, your sparring partner especially when you are getting a glove that has a little bit more ounces.

After the 2-3 years of using, you can see that the glove is still top-notch and still produces great results and you can still use it on the heavy bag in the training workouts. So these gloves last a very long time. As soon as you get them out the box they are somewhat unlocked so you can easily put on your hands comfortably.

The glove is attached at the thumb but it is very comfortable. If you have longer thumbs or shorter thumbs, you can really make a great fist. Great protection at the wrists as there is some padding so it gives you excellent protection. These are very expensive but don’t worry you are investing your money in the great quality!

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