Best Kickboxing Gloves

It is not wrong that kickboxing gloves have a significant impact on your game and performance in the ring. It is necessary to get your hands on the best kickboxing gloves because they are not only a considerable investment, it also takes a lot of time to know about the right glove that matches your type of game and requirements. For a boxer, it is essential to understand the difference between all the gloves.

There are multiple varieties of gloves available, but almost all of them are used for some specific purpose. Each of the best kickboxing gloves has its qualities and cons. Some of the kickboxing gloves are best and compatible for bag work while some of the gloves are excellent for heavy punchers. Similarly, there is entirely a different range of gloves for lighter punchers and sparring session.

Today we are here with the best kickboxing gloves available for you with their pros and cons so that you can compare each one of them and then choose the right kickboxing glove for your game. All the gloves are the top-selling gloves in the market and online; they all are best with their limitation. A quick review is given to almost 10 different types of gloves. Keep reading to give each of them a quick review:

Reviews Of The Best Kickboxing Gloves 2023

Cleto Reyes Lace Kickboxing Gloves

Cleto Reyes is the company that is famous for its boxing accessories manufacturing. This company has been manufacturing boxing stuff for a really long time, so it is an excellent option to choose this company for buying the best kickboxing gloves if you require heavy-hitting gloves. These fantastic gloves are also used by the famous Manny Pacquiao. These gloves have such features and qualities that the entire boxing community just simply loves these gloves for their game.

Durable material

Buying these gloves is long term investment because they are made with high-quality leather that provides these gloves a long life. These gloves could also be used for the sparring match because they are lined with a water-resistant lining that helps to keep the hands dry all the time during the game.


Long term investment

Perfect quality

Unique design


Need exact wrapping

Might not available in most of the sizes


Twins Special Kickboxing Gloves 2023

Twin is a well-known Thailand based company; most of the boxers choose this company to buy their gloves for sparring sessions and training purpose. Sue to their popularity among the fighters, this company is known as the best kickboxing gloves manufacturing company.

These twins special gloves offered by twins are specially designed for the boxers who are searching for something that is quality based on their training and sparring sessions.


They consist of Velcro that makes it quite easy to put them on and pull them off whenever you need.


Perfect wrist protection

Excellent knuckle grip


Dense and inflexible

Hayabusa T3 Kickboxing Gloves 2023

This company is much more focused on the MMA game. They try to manufacture such designs that are prominent and unique. This company, from the start, collaborates with Glory Kickboxing those are known as the famous equipment providers.

The Hayabusa T3 offered by the company is the perfect option for striking training, combat, and sparring game. The ones who want any pair of glove for the applications can choose these gloves.


These gloves are made with leather that increases the lifetime of them. These best kickboxing gloves give the perfect wrist grip to the boxers. They are designed with the lining at the inner layer that plays the role of an antibacterial, and it also vanishes the odor.



Wrist support is on point


Least thumb safety

Hardened padding


Fairtex Kickboxing Gloves 2023

Fairtex is a glove-making company that was founded in Bangkok. The company is well-known for making MMA gloves, and it has won many awards for making the best MMA gloves at world MMA awards.

For the ones who are searching for a glove that is best for all types of boxing games, they can choose these gloves. These best kickboxing gloves are made with leather, and their quality is maintained for a long time.

Velcro straps

These best kickboxing gloves consist of Velcro straps that give the wrist the desired grip, and it is more comfortable for the wearer to remove or wear the gloves. These gloves are compatible for bag training till pad work. They are easy to wear gloves and feel very comfortable when worn.


Heavy duty



Fitting issues

Stiff cushioning

Windy Kickboxing Gloves

These other best kickboxing gloves, names windy are made with 100% leather that clearly means that they are durable for long term use. They provide unbeatable wrist protection, and it gives the knuckle protection precisely what a boxer desires.

High Quality

These gloves are high-quality ones and provide the perfect fit. They are compatible with the Muay Thai boxers, but they could also be used for multiple types of martial arts.



Perfect with bag work game


Hard cushioning

RDX Kickboxing Gloves 2023

These are one of the best kickboxing gloves used by most of the boxers. They are made with leather, and the stitching is done so finely that they could be used for long term use. It gives perfect protection to the user because its knuckles are cushioned with an infused gel that absorbs the shock.

Padding Grip Hose

These gloves have the padding grip hose that provides the exact grip that you want. The padding grip hose does help to enhance the punching game of the user. These gloves are designed with moisture-wicking palm, that means that no matter how long you wear them; your hands will remain dry and odorless.


Stylish design



Quality is questionable

Venum Kickboxing Gloves 2023

Venum is the brand that is known for the manufacturing of martial arts, combat, and training equipment. The company offers the best kickboxing gloves all over the world. These gloves made by Venum are made with leather and are a perfect combination for beginners and the professional both.

Shock Resistant

These best kickboxing gloves are shock resistant and can be used for a long time.



Perfect choice for sparring


Much better for beginners

Made with low-quality material

Top King Kickboxing Gloves 2023

This is a new company in the boxing equipment industry, yet it has made its name among the best company manufacturing the best kickboxing gloves and other boxing equipment. The company has tried to combine old techniques with new trends and came up with the first used gloves all over the world.

These gloves are all-rounder ones and have shock-absorbent padding that makes user that the user is protected. You can use these gloves with most of the types of martial arts games. They have designed these gloves with extra padding for the protection of boxer’s wrist.


Extra padding for wrist support

Compatible with bag work game


Made with authentic leather

Unique design

Dries quickly


Wrist grip is not on the mark if compared to other gloves

Hardened cushioning


Rival Kickboxing Gloves 2023

Rival is one of the oldest companies that are manufacturing the boxing, martial arts equipment. Their products are always on the mark and also make the buyers satisfied with their quality. To invest in buying a product from this company is worth it because it has to work in the market for a decade.

These gloves are made with leather, have an Ergo Xtreme Strap system and an extended cuff to give the wrist perfect support. They work well with the sparring games. They are also known to be quite comfortable.


Attractive design

Good cushioning


Not for beginners


Anthem Athletic Kickboxing Gloves 2023

These are all-rounder gloves. They have a specific Muay Thai style. They are made with buffalo leather and are durable much than other leather gloves. These best kickboxing gloves are made for pad and bag work, training, sparring and bouts. These gloves have extra padding around the wrist area to give support and protection to the boxer.



Perfect for sparring


Thin inner cushioning

Not finely stitched


Kickboxing gloves buyer’s guide

When you plan to buy a pair of kickboxing glove for your journey, it is essential to consider some of the factors before choosing an option for yourself.

Know yourself

Your fighting style is the most essential thing that you need to know before buying a pair of glove. You must consider the way of your punching technique and the method that you want to get for yourself. After considering all these aspects and knowing about your style of game, now you need to head to the next factor.

Know your brand

Search about multiple brands those who manufacture best kickboxing gloves. Know about their strengths and weaknesses. After considering all the factor, shortlist some of the best companies or brands and then head to further research about those brands.


It is challenging to buy a perfect pair of kickboxing gloves for your journey, but it’s not impossible. Always consult a professional before making your final decision; it will be quite helpful. Do consider your budget before choosing any gloves. Make sure that you maintain the gloves properly to enhance their lifetime.

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