Best Boxing Shoes 2023

For boxing, you need to get the best boxing shoes. This is because it is a high-intensity activity and the shoes that you get may affect your performance. These are one of the most vital pieces in the boxing gear. Therefore you need to have the correct pair. There are so many products available that one can get confused about which ones to get.

You should invest in a pair that will be lightweight and comfortable when you are wearing them so that you do not feel tired easily. You want all your boxing equipment to be such that it will help you win against your opponent. The buying guide aims to make it easier for you to choose the best boxing shoes 2021.

Reviews Of The Best Boxing Shoes 2023

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1. Adidas Box Hog 2 Mens Boxing Shoes 2023

Adidas is one of the most famous brands and known mostly for manufacturing amazing footwear for almost all kind of sports. Their quality of shoes is always on point, and they offer each and every feature in their shoe that the user requires. The adizero boxing shoes are their two mesh wresting shoe that could be used with any aggressive or intensive sports. When a boxer gives this pair of shoes a look, he can straight away tell that these shoes are perfect to be used for boxing games. The shoe has molded rubber teeth align that gives a nicer grip to the wearer.

Synthetic material used

These amazing boxing shoes are made of 100% synthetic textile that clearly means that these shoes are perfectly breathable. The shoe is made with such a technique that it takes the shape of the wearer’s foot and it just feels like a sock.


  • This shoe is easy to wear and extremely comfortable
  • 100%synthetic textile made; quite breathable
  • Perfect pair when looking for a shoe that holds friction and slides together


  • Hold odor
  • Not capable of providing excellent grip

Final words

This shoe offered by Adidas is perfect to be used for almost all sorts of games and sports. All the features of this show are exclusive and the one that the boxers are finding to be there in their shoe. These shoes are easy to wear and are comfortable, the material used to make them is breathable so you won’t feel congested while wearing them. The only two issues with these shoes are that they hold odor and they are not extremely good when it comes to providing the perfect grip.


2. Otomix men’s ninja warrior bodybuilding boxing shoes 2023

It is important for a boxer to know this earlier that the gears he chooses for his game or sports will have a straight impact on his performance. You must never take a risk in buying any gear related to your sports and always stick to the well-known and established brands.

Otomix is an old and well-known brand for making amazing sports shoes with high-quality performance. All the shoes they manufacture are excellent with their quality; their designs are always unique and original. These sports shoes are specially designed to be used by the bodybuilders to wear them under their baggy pants. They not only give a good performance but also enhance the overall look.

Wider toe box

This shoe is the new version of Stringay and is a new addition to the otomix family. This shoe is enhanced with extra features than its predecessor. It has a wide toe box that means that they are a perfect option for those who want more space to move their toe with boxing in the ring.


  • Amazing performance while being light weighted
  • Perfectly designed
  • Perfect for long term use


  • The lower sole of the shoe is a little too flat
  • Not a good option for narrow feet boxers
  • Although otomix offer the best shoes but still the quality of this new addition is still questionable

Final words

These shoes are good with their performance and are quite lightweight. You feel like you are wearing sock while wearing them. They are designed perfectly for the boxers keeping their requirements in mind. These shoes are durable, so it is a long term investment to buy these shoes for your boxing experience. A small investment will work for a long time, and you will surely be satisfied with the quality of these shoes. It is recommended that the boxers with narrow feet should avoid buying this pair of shoe.

3. Ringside undefeated boxing shoes 2023

If there are any pair of boxing shoes to be worn in the boxing ring, especially for the training purpose, then none another shoe can beat these ringside undefeatable boxing shoes. You can immensely make your footwork great with these pair of shoes, and not only your game becomes strong, but your opponent with always get a bit intimidated by your look. The name says it all, that whether you are a beginner or you’ve been fighting in the ring since so long, these undefeatable shoes have full capacity to hold your grip in the ring.

Perfect grip and breathable

The shoe gives the user a perfect grip and keeps him safe from being slipped in the ring. This shoe helps to enhance the punch game of the boxer as well.

Other than that, the shoes are breathable due to their nylon mesh pattern, and this pattern also adds good comfort while wearing them.


  • Easy to wear and flexible
  • Great performance while being stylish
  • Gives your foot a nice grip and hold


  • The sole has no padding
  • They are not affordable
  • Not available in all sizes

Final words

The ringside undefeated boxing shoes are a perfect pair for the training purpose. These shoes could be used by the beginners and the professional both. They are good with providing a nice and required performance in the ring. Moreover, the grip of this shoe is amazing, the nylon pattern is breathable, and due to this pattern, the shoes are quite breathable and comfortable to wear.

These shoes not only help to enhance your game but also enhance your look. So if you are searching for something that makes your game good while keeping your overall look classy, then this is the best option with your needs. Although this pair of shoe is quite expensive but will surely give you excellent performance.

4. Adidas men’s combat speed.5 boxing shoes 2023

Once again, Adidas is here with their amazing athlete shoes. These shoes are no less than a perfect pair for almost all kinds of sports. They are extremely lightweight, and it just feels like you are wearing a sock. This pair of shoes consists of all the features that a boxer is searching for to be in his sports shoes. This shoe has comfortable wear and has a lace-up closure that ensures that your foot gets the exact grip you want. It has a single layer mesh upper that is breathable and has a lot of advantages.

Perfect internal

It has a die-cut EVA midsole and split suede outsole layer that makes sure that the wearer get the perfect grip and this pair of the shoe keeps the user safe from slipping in the ring and get into some sort of injury.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great footwear for the beginners
  • Provide exact balance required


  • Manufactured for slender feet
  • The quality of the shoe and the material is yet questionable

Final words

If you are in search of all-rounder that could be used with most of the sports, then Adidas is always there for you. This brand is famous for its quality based amazing footwear for almost all sort of sports. No doubt, the footwear’s are a bit expensive, but they could be sued for long term use. These shoes always make sure that the boxers get the right grip and do not slip while fighting in the ring.

5. Reebok men’s boxing boot-buck sneakers 2023

Stability is the first requirement for a boxer while standing in the ring and the reebok men’s boxing boot-buck sneakers make sure to provide the required stability to the boxer. These shoes are perfect when you are searching for a pair that provides excellent stability. These shoes could also be used as running shoes. The shoes have a good sole that basically provides the grip and control from all sides. The sole also keeps the feet away from being sore.


  • Lightweight and flexible to wear
  • Perfect with stability
  • Good choice for ankle support


  • Extremely narrow for many feet
  • Difficult to put on and pull off
  • Not available in most of the sizes


6. Rival Boxing Boots RSX One-High Tops

The Rival Boxing shoes are one of the best boxing shoes due to the overall design, which ensures that one has all the support required to successfully pursue a fight. They have the following top features:

High-top Profile

The high-top profile that these boxing shoes have gives maximum support for users. This is because it practically cradles feet throughout. They are fit to support you.

High Quality Material Used

The material employed for their construction tends to be of high quality. When looking at the upper part, this has a totally ventilated mesh along with cowhide suede and also breathable mesh sock liner that will let your feet have maximum airflow which is required. The feet will be cooled from all sides.

Good Insole

This is another standout aspect considering that most boxing shoes often do not give any insoles and supportive padding, allowing the elevation of feet to occur. These shoes have this feature that allows them to be comfortable. It also gives shock absorption when moving. This makes them one of the best boxing shoes.


  • High-top profile particularly for support
  • Specially engineered insole
  • Durable and flexible outsole
  • Comfortable
  • True to size
  • Help with all-around mobility


  • They may be heavy
  • The sole is likely to fall apart
  • They can be more breathable


7. Everlast New Elite High-Top Boxing Shoes 2023

If you are looking for comfortable shoes and feel that these will be the best boxing shoes, then consider these ones from Everlast. They are lightweight and know that footwork is important when it comes to boxing. They have the following key features:

High Quality Michelin Technical Sole

They are made using a high-quality Michelin Technical Sole. They have an open weave mesh and a microfiber along with suede body which aids to hone the speed as well as promote durability which any user will wish in a pair of the best boxing shoes.

Simple to Put on

These boxing shoes are easy to put on as well as take off. This is something that some boxers look for in boxing shoes.

Steady on Feet

The mesh upper area along with the rubber out sole aid in ensuring that these are steady on the feet and that without impacting the all-around mobility. They aim to make you have the upper hand in the ring. The boxing shoes aim to enhance the wearers’ speed, mobility, and stability.


  • High-top design
  • Mainly made using open weave mesh that makes it light
  • Innovation tread present to guard against slipping
  • Used in gym and also in the ring
  • Lightweight
  • They give wonderful traction as well as ankle support


  • If you do not have narrow feet, then these are not for you
  • Issue with size
  • Durability not guaranteed

8. Lonsdale Mens Contender Boxing Shoes 2023

These best boxing shoes help boxers function in a more effective way while allowing their general wellbeing to be the priority. They have the following top features that make them admirable:


These shoes can make you stand out when in the ring due to their stylish quilted as well as padded ankle collars which are able to engulf your feet in a secure fit. So, this will enhance smooth movement.

Mesh Panels

Mesh panels are there on the shoes so that they are breathable. The crowning quality of these boxing shoes is the EVA midsole which works together with overlays so as to make sure that they last for much time.


  • They have a mid-cut design
  • It’s ankle collar tends to be quilted as well as cushioned
  • You can lace them up
  • They are true to size
  • You will find them simple to break in
  • Lightweight boxing shoes


  • There are limited color options
  • Loose stitches
  • These boxing shoes are rather expensive to buy

What To Look For In Best Boxing Shoes 2023

In boxing, shoes are important. The boxing shoes need to feel comfortable. Keeping this in mind, some requirements and features should be considered. Boxing shoes can build or break a boxer in the boxing ring. Many an expert boxer has lost a vital match due to issues with their boxing shoes. It is the case, and most high-quality boxing shoes can be on the pricey side. But they don’t have to be!

Grip plus pivot

Those who are not able to grip and pivot, they will not be able to succeed much like a boxer. This is something important to boxing. The shoe should not make your feet WWslide at the time that you transfer weight whilst letting you pivot quickly. The amount of grip required concerns personal preference. There are some who like a shoe that has more grip, which makes pivoting tougher, whilst others prefer less grip as it allows pivoting to be easier.

Weight along with the thickness

Agility is needed for a boxer. The thicker and heavier material of a shoe, the less mobility one will have. However, thicker as well as heavier shoes will even give you more support. The choice is yours. What best suits your own boxing style.

Sole features

Soles are important when finding the best boxing shoes — the construction of the sole changes according to how one balances and also throws punches. You need to feel balanced always when standing with boxing shoes. The thickness of the shoes’ sole matters as well. Some boxers prefer a thicker sole as the extra support allows them to feel more strong.

Shoe quality

The shoes will experience some wear and tear for a regular fighter. The shoes need to last. Look at the sole to figure out the quality of the shoe. It needs to be constructed well.


Comfort matters if you want to box well. The width of the shoe should be looked at. If the shoe pinches the feet at the time you are only standing around, then it will hurt when fighting. The foot should also not slide around also, as it will let you lose your balance.

Final words

When looking for the best boxing shoes you need to find the ones that will be best for your very own needs. Look carefully at their material, grip, strap, and laces. They should fit properly and be comfortable to wear. Ankle support is necessary as well if you want to get good boxing shoes. Price matters, but it is better to get a pair of best boxing shoes 2021 that will last and be comfortable so that you can enjoy this sport and excel in it.

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