Best Boxing Gloves For Women

Women also enjoy and take part in boxing. This has led to manufacturers producing boxing gloves which are able to fit perfectly into the female hand’s structure. Therefore lady fighters do not need to get men’s small-sized gloves any longer. It is possible to find the best boxing gloves for women. They can get good mitts which can be worn comfortably without forcing the hand into them. It is possible to enjoy this sport then whilst not having to stress about uncomfortable boxing gloves.

Pink and color is not the only important factor when looking at the best boxing gloves for women. Looking at the below reviews, you will see that color comes last.

Boxing or fist fighting has been thought to be a man’s sport for much time. Women began showing interest in boxing since 1904, but they had to wear men’s boxing gloves, mainly choosing the small sizes due to their apparently slimmer design. This was not fair for women, and they could not get the best boxing gloves for women.

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Ladies have slimmer fingers in comparison to men. So even if you buy men’s gloves in a small pair so that you can force the hands into them, your fingers, as well as knuckles, may in fact not have full protection required from the bags and also with the opponent’s skull. If women want to keep their hands safe, then it is necessary to get those boxing gloves that will fit them perfectly. Read on to find out the best boxing gloves for women to be able to pursue and enjoy this sport to its fullest.

The Latest and Best Boxing Gloves for Women (2023)


Cleto Reyes Training Gloves

Starting with the Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Training gloves, it can be said that these are regarded as one of the top ones when considering best boxing gloves for women. This is not only due to their attractive pink color but also because of their wonderful mixture of comfort along with protection that they provide to ladies’ sensitive hands. Below are some positive features of these boxing gloves.

How they are made

Pure goatskin leather- Cleto Reyes is a trusted brand and remaining true to its legacy; the stated gloves are made using pure goatskin leather. You can, therefore, expect quality with them. This material is wonderful when looking at its flexibility and overall durability. If you are willing to pay much for boxing gloves which you will not have to replace soon, then these boxing gloves may be the best boxing gloves for women.

Comfort level

These Cleto Reyes gloves are one of the most comfortable when it comes to the best boxing gloves for women. This is because:

  • The palm cage has 2 inches of latex present in the punch place to keep knuckles and fingers protected from the bags.
  • They have been perfectly molded to be able to fit a majority of women fists (referring to size).
  • It comes having a separate thumb aiding in keeping your thumb from spraining as well as to protect your partner’s eyes.
  • The above sparring gloves even have a handy water-repellent lining which absorbs sweat allowing the hands to remain dry whilst you are training.

Final Judgement

These gloves have a high-star rating which has been present for some time. This shows that ladies love them, and they are one of the best boxing gloves for women. One of the best points is that they are made using pure leather moreover have apparently reliable seams that allow these gloves to be durable and remain good for much time.

They even have many colors to select from, i.e., 32 amazing colors. Therefore if you want to get a pair that matches your boxing shoes as well as headgear, this can be possible with the above gloves.

  • Handmade for quality control
  • Made from goatskin leather for durability
  • Enough padding
  • Strong seams
  • Strong seams
  • Costs top dollar

Everlast Women’s Pro Style Gloves

The Everlast Pro Style gloves are preferred by vegans and lady boxers who do not wish to spend much on their training gloves. These gloves are made using synthetic leather. This is not like the Cleto Reyes ones discussed above. but these are still nearly as durable and give nearly all the top features which women’s gloves have. Below are some highlighted features that make these gloves be a part of the best boxing gloves for women.

How they are made

Synthetic leather– The Everlast Pro Style boxing gloves are made using synthetic leather which is nevertheless durable. This is because they are made from only premium-quality synthetic leather so that they are durable and also reliable. You will not feel like you wasted your money with them.

Good clenches– They have easy clenches that makes them comfortable to use. The ergonomic design that these gloves have is something worth noting. They are shaped in a natural way helping you clench as well as keep firm fists whilst training and sparring — these help in enhancing durability also.

Thumb-lock feature– A thumb-lock feature is present which helps further in making a naturally comfortable fist. You will save energy in this way which can be used in producing powerful and strong punches.

This all makes them one of the best boxing gloves for women.

Comfort level

It is important to get comfortable boxing gloves so that you do not feel disturbed with them. The Everlast Women’s Pro Style boxing gloves have the following comfort features which make them one of the best boxing gloves for women:

  • They are available in 8 oz size to 16 oz. Therefore it is possible to get the best pair, which will let you be able to perform well in the gym.
  • They have inner padding that is firm. This allows for wonderful shock absorption and distribution to occur.
  • Everlast’s Evercool technology is even present. This is generally a system of ventilation along with breathable fabrics that lets your wrists remain cool whilst you are training.
  • Everlast’s EVERDRI mesh lining is present. This helps to absorb or drain moisture resulting in a long-lasting amazing fresher feel.

Final Judgement

If you are looking for good gloves with amazing features that are very reasonably priced, then the Everlast Women’s Pro Style gloves can help out. The superb ventilation feature of these boxing gloves helps much in keeping one cool and limiting odor buildup as well. The thumb-lock feature, along with wrap-around strap closure is great. Therefore they are one of the best boxing gloves for women.

  • Heavy-duty for heavy bags
  • Fits perfectly
  • Durable
  • Anti-microbial technology
  • Superb ventilation
  • Might ship with a slight odor

Twins Special Boxing Gloves

You may not have heard about the company Twins like some other popular names, such as Ringside, Venum, Cleto Reyes, plus Everlast. It is a Thailand company. Although this twin has been able to make itself stand out due to their quality, longevity, and also comfort levels. This helps in making their products come in the list of the best boxing gloves for women.

How they are made

Pure cowhide leather– Thailand is said to be the place where the top and best leather boxing gloves can be found. Twins are in the list of the best manufacturers in Thailand. Therefore they make their boxing gloves with amazing fabric. These ones are made of pure cowhide leather.

Handmade gloves– These gloves are handmade instead of being placed in some production line. Therefore the seams are stitched for perfection. This is done by a professional and experienced craftsperson who makes sure that the padding will not pop off whilst using the punching bag.

Style– There are no flashy graphics with these gloves; nevertheless, they are still stylish. You can get them in 3 colors, i.e., black, green, and red.

The above points make them one of the best boxing gloves for women.

Comfort level

The comfort and protection features of the Twins Special includes:

  • They have a lot of padding in them, so this allows them to be one of the best boxing gloves for women when it comes to competition and training.
  • The gloves have 3-layer padding which has a good pillowy inner layer, the firm middle layer, along with the soft outer layer.
  • The design is such that it provides protection to knuckles to stop injuries from occurring.
  • There is a motivating solid feel present on the inside whilst being pliable on the outside.
  • These boxing gloves are non-injurious to the opponents.

Final Judgement

If you are looking for quality gloves, then you will like these ones. They are handmade and premium-quality leather gloves that have strong seams needed for durability along with reliability. You should know that some time may be needed for them to break in, but you will love them and will feel they are one of the best boxing gloves for women.

  • Handmade with strong seams
  • Reliable padding
  • Leather Construction
  • Hood and Loop Closure
  • Excellent Knuckle Protection
  • Might take some time to break in
  • Leather smell lasts for some days
  • Thumbs run small


Ringside Women’s IMF Boxing Training Gloves

These boxing gloves have been cut, mainly keeping women’s petite and sensitive hands in mind. In this sense, they are one of the best boxing gloves for women. They are a good model when looking for one of the top affordable gloves for women, teenagers, as well as kids.

How they are made

Leather and vinyl– These gloves are created from a blend consisting of leather and vinyl. Despite the fact that they are not like the all-leather recommendations on this list, the above blend allows them to be affordable and also slightly more durable in comparison to their all-vinyl competitors.

Pretty and cute– Boxing gloves’ flashy design does not help with punching, but this point is a positive point when looking for the best boxing gloves for your wife, friend, and daughter.

Colors– They are available in 2 color versions, i.e., pink/black as well as white/blue.

Sizes- The sizes available are from 6 oz (for kids) going to 14 oz needed for sparring.

These factors make them be one of the best boxing gloves for women.

Comfort level

These Ringside boxing gloves offer protection and are simple to use because:

  • The Ringside IMF training and sparring gloves tend to be injection molded to provide optimum protection to knuckles. This also helps in giving a near-natural fist immediately.
  • There is a wrap-around Velcro system that gives the wearer a tight along with secure fit. It is therefore easy to glove on, and with this mechanism you will also not find it tough putting them on when alone.

Final Judgement

Ringside is a popular and well-established name when it comes to boxing. It is mostly famous for its men’s boxing range, but the Women’s IMF Boxing gloves have been able to become popular amongst women. These may not be the perfect boxing gloves needed for daily heavy-duty workout, but if you are looking for gloves that are affordable and can be used for light boxing training, then these gloves may be the best boxing gloves for women.

  • Friendly price
  • Sturdy construction
  • Eye-catching style
  • Fits well
  • Not for heavy-duty bag workouts

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

These are cheap boxing women gloves that are for beginners and are one of the best boxing gloves for women. The wonderfully low price tag is something that makes the Venum Challenger 2.0 stand out.

You should know that these gloves are not really durable and will not be able to survive tough bag work occurring 2-3 sessions in a week. This is because they are for intermediate boxers along with casual gym goers. They are not for elite fighters.

How they are made

Attractive- They are one of the most attractive gloves present. This is due to the prominent and bold Venum logo upon the wrist along with the company’s insignia.

Hybrid-leather material– They are made from a good hybrid-leather material which provides them with their smooth as well as slick look plus feel, besides giving one powerful impact with every punch. The smooth surface even lets it be simple to wipe them clean. This also helps them resist liquid damage.

Breathable– The Venum Challenger 2.0 are breathable and comfortable in every size, i.e., 10, 12, 14, as well as 16 oz.

These make them one of the best boxing gloves for women.

Comfort level

The Venum Challenger 2.0 offer protection and comfort due to:

  • The gloves’ interior level possesses a 3-layer protection foam which absorbs the shock from punches to limit the risk of sprains.
  • There is an amazing wrist support system that features elastic and Velcro so that they can fit safely around the hand.
  • The mesh around this gloves mesh area is able to boost ventilation so that you can work for more time without having to dry off mid session.

Final Judgement

The Venum Challenger 2.0 gloves tend to be one of the best models which are available in this price. They are able to fit well and have incredible protection. These boxing gloves are marketed for intermediate and advanced fighters, but we suggest them for beginners because of the construction material, making them one of the best boxing gloves for women.

  • Affordable
  • Great shock absorption
  • You can hit harder thanks to the wrist support
  • Might not survive long, strenuous heavy bag work


RDX Women Leather Boxing Gloves

People who are involved in fist-fighting sports, most of these sports prefer leather gloves. But they are even the most evasive because of their really high price.

For those people who want the best leather gloves but their budget is not much for the high-end models, then the RDX Maya gloves may provide them with a good option being one of the best boxing gloves for women.

How are they made

Maya leather– These gloves are made with Maya leather. This is not pure leather. In fact, this is not even leather. It is a high-quality polyurethane. When looking at this material, it is made from things like cotton, polyester, or even shredded leather that is coated using a flexible polymer so that it has an animal skin look. Its durability, resiliency, as well as tendency to break and even wrinkle such as leather, allow it to be the closest preference to leather.

Strong pad– The above ladies boxing gloves have an extremely protective and extra-thick supremo-shock that helps in shielding the knuckles from shock. This pad is claimed to be crafted with the good Quadro-Dome technology that helps in dispersing the force from the impact across the punching zone.

Easy to wear– They have a wide opening which lets sliding of the hand in and also out is really easy. There are the Quick-EZ hook and loop closure system that has an extra-long strap which gives one a snug fit along with incredible wrist-support for your punching requirements.

Ventilation and odor control– Boxers know the importance of remaining dry throughout their session. RDX understands this fact. Therefore the RDX MAYA leather gloves possess a gel lining present between the pads which absorbs the heat. When looking at the palm side, this has an opening plus air ventilation system that helps in encouraging air circulation. These features even aid in controlling odor, which is the main problem haunting many synthetic leather gloves nowadays.

Their make helps them be in the list of the best boxing gloves for women.

Final Judgement

The RDX Maya women’s boxing gloves are a superb and inexpensive pair of gloves for those wanting affordable women’s gloves. Therefore they are one of the best boxing gloves for women. They are extremely protective and comfortable due to the manufacturer doing everything possible in these areas. With the help of the ventilation and gel lining, these gloves do not experience heat retention. It is really simple to keep the odors in control. Those people whose main concern is affordability, try these gloves out.

  • Very affordable
  • Durable
  • Nicely cut for a good fit
  • Nice padding
  • Excellent heat and odor control
  • Available in pink color only


Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves

The last in the list of best boxing gloves for women 2019 is the best-seller on many online platforms.

They are even amongst the cheapest models present here. It is wonderful when considering that they can stay affordable without having to limit protection and comfort.

How they are made

Performance engineered leather– The Sanabul Essential gloves tend to be made using performance engineered leather. This gives them an attractive look. With the help of this material, the gloves can be easily kept clean also. This is because they do not easily collect unwanted dirt. They also wipe clean simply.

Velcro system– The gloves have a secure and effective Velcro system which lets it be easy to put these gloves on and off also when alone. Many previous buyers also claim that the Velcro is able to hold up fine for much time.

Comfort level

The protection and comfort of these gloves are obtained with the help of:

A longitudinal arch design which lets one close their fist safely at the time of punching and grappling. This curve is able to keep you safe from many injuries occurring due to improper hand position whilst charging against the bag.
To be able to keep sweaty palms dry, the Sanabul Boxing gloves come with a gel-infused foam. This absorbs heat and behaves like a shock absorber for the knuckles.

A breathable mesh is present around the palm area, which also dissipates heat so that you can remain active for rounds. This makes them one of the best boxing gloves for women.

Final Judgement

Those are looking for affordable women boxing gloves; the Sanabul Essential boxing gloves will not let you down. They have much padding and perform superbly in letting you remain cool and dry, making them one of the best boxing gloves for women.

You need to know that these gloves are for light training sessions like sparring. They may not stay well when subjected to much heavy bag training.

  • Fits your hand’s shape
  • Reliable Velcro closure system
  • Mesh palms keep you cool
  • Not the best for heavy bag training

You may be wondering what difference is present between ladies and men’s boxing gloves. The difference is in the design. Boxing gloves for women are made having a smaller cage that helps in giving them a good fit on their smaller fists.

There are unisex gloves in the market for both men and women, but many female fighters claim that boxing gloves for women are able to fit better. If you are able to get the best boxing gloves for women that fit well, this can result in better protection and performance.

It is not only important to look for gloves made only for women. There are other important points to consider before buying a single pair.

It is necessary for instance to remember that boxing gloves are available in different sizes, i.e. from 6 oz going to 14 oz. Every size is for a certain style (like training or competition) as well as your weight.

When looking for the best boxing gloves for women, you also need to look at the construction material, kind of closing, and the color.

Points That Have Been Considered When Selecting The Best Boxing Gloves For Women 2023

Below are the points that have been looked at for selecting the best boxing gloves for women.


Material is something that helps in finding the best boxing gloves for women. Like men’s boxing gloves, women’s are even made using different materials like leather, synthetics, etc. These materials have their own performance value in the ring and even at the gym. They also are different according to price, durability, plus ease of cleaning.

When looking at material, leather gloves tend to be the most costly, but some brands like Cleto Reyes are able to provide high-quality models that are at lower price tags. Thailand is even able to manufacture genuine leather gloves at relatively lower prices in comparison to those manufactured in the USA. This may be due to the differences present in labor expenses. These gloves may be made using cowhide, goatskin, and buffalo leather.

Nevertheless, cowhide leather gloves tend to be the most common. They are easily available and give the best durability. You can even get wonderful flexibility with them due to the good stretch they have. They are also the most comfortable.

They are even known to give wonderful breathability and can even control odors excellently. Therefore you can choose the best women’s boxing gloves needed for a heavy bag in this way.

The negative point with leather boxing gloves is that these are able to absorb water along with perspiration only to some degree. This can lead to discoloration as time passes.

Synthetic Materials

Not everyone is happy with getting dead animal skin gloves. For these people, synthetics gloves may be the best boxing gloves for women. A huge advantage of synthetic gloves is their affordability. They are available in nearly any color plus style. Therefore it is possible to match synthetic gloves with other boxing apparels.

Synthetic tends to be an umbrella term that refers to artificial materials which are made to mimic real leather. Polyurethane (PU), vinyl, and microfiber are the most popular synthetics employed to produce boxing gloves.

Microfiber (i.e., the latest technology) claims to provide near-leather qualities. You may want to consider this if you wish to get reliable boxing gloves for training (this includes bag work and sparring) that do not cost much.

A huge drawback of synthetic gloves is that they don’t stay for much time, especially if used for regular training. Synthetic gloves even trap much heat inside. Therefore if you want these type of gloves then look if the pair has any features that help with improving its breathability.

The Size of the Glove

Another point to look at when finding the best boxing gloves for women is the size of the glove. After selecting the best material, you now need to figure out the correct size of gloves. You will want to get a pair that you can simply fit your fist within and that without needing to force anything. No form of slack and movement should be present because this can lead to injuries when punching.

Boxing gloves get measured in weight depending upon how much padding is used in it. Therefore if there is a glove labeled 16 oz, the glove has about 16 ounces of protective padding. The heavier The boxing glove is, the more padding will be there for the knuckles.

Women’s boxing gloves are available in 4 main categories depending upon your weight as well as what you want to use them for. You can choose the best boxing gloves for women by looking at these.

The 6 oz gloves category- These provide good gloves for children, teenagers, along with female fighters who have considerably small hands. Looking at this according to weight and height, the size can fit fighters below 8 stones (i.e., 51.2kgs) and below 5 foot respectively.

The 8 oz gloves category- This size gives a good option for women who are among 50 and 60 kgs specifically in weight but have petite hands.

The 10 oz- 12 oz gloves category- Those people who are above 60kgs in weight should begin their search here. This range provides good boxing gloves that can be used for personal training plus fitness.

The 14 oz- 16 oz gloves category- That fighter who is 65-78 kgs should consider these gloves. They are the best for sparring. If you want the best gloves to help with muscle development along with building endurance, this category will help you out.

Keep in mind that some gyms do not allow you to spar with gloves below 16 oz. Therefore check with your coach prior to buying anything.

Boxing Gloves 2023 Closings (Velcro and Lace-up)

The closings of boxing gloves is another factor to consider when choosing the best boxing gloves for women. Boxing gloves for women can be made to use Velcro or also a lace-up system. Lace-up gloves are able to give the best fit, letting you develop a sure-fire fist whilst becoming ready for your opponent and the heavy bag.

The problem is when you try to put these on and off by yourself. Those people who will be training with some trainer or partner always, these may be the best option.

Velcro (i.e., hook and loop) gloves tend to be simple and easy to glove up mainly when you are alone. Apart from other drawbacks, Velcro gloves lose their grip as time passes. The strap can be very long resulting in exposed Velcro, which can scratch the trainer and opponent.

The Color of the Boxing Gloves

Color is very important when looking for the best boxing gloves for women. If the gloves will be mostly used for boxercise and if you want them for your kid, then pink can be good.

For professional boxing and competitions, knowing color psychology is important. Different colors can impact performance and the opponent’s psyche. Red signifies strength and danger.

Questions and Answers

Q: How can I get the correct glove size?

A: This depends on your weight and what the glove will be used for. A heavier glove gives more protection.

Q: Is it good to purchase cheap gloves?

A: Yes, and No is the answer. Good boxing gloves will cost you. Cheap gloves tend to compromise protection as well as durability for their looks, but these gloves can be good kids and for irregular boxercise. Not all expensive gloves will be good for you.

Q: Are lace-up ones better or Velcro ones?

A: Lace-up boxing gloves tend to be recommended. This is because of their tight fit. They are often a bit more expensive than Velcro. They may be quite tough to glove up when by yourself.

Velcro gloves are simple to put on and off when alone. They are even cheaper. They nevertheless lose their grip after some time. The strap can be really long for the wrist resulting in the Velcro hanging loose.

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