Best Boxing Gloves for Training

If you interested to enhance the quality of your practice, then you must need to get your hands on the right pair of best boxing gloves for training. If you choose a lousy pair of gloves than it is no different than having a rock in your shoe, the wrong gloves are quite irritating, and they do not even fit according to your hand’s size, and moreover, it also enhances the chances of being injured.

The beginners mostly think that to get the right pair of best boxing gloves for training is quite comfortable, but to be honest, it is not. Yes, you can move on to the excellent sports shop, but I’m sure even then you won’t be satisfied with the gloves over there. Some gloves won’t fit you, some will not be comfortable, and some won’t be durable while others won’t deliver you what you’ve been looking for in your gloves.

Here is the review on seven of the most commonly purchased boxing gloves for the beginners. The users highly rate all the below mentioned gloves, and they are known as one of the best boxing gloves for training. The reviews will help you to pick the best option to start your journey and will help you not to waste your money and time.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves 2023

The Venum challenger 2.0 boxing gloves are the type of gloves that will fit with all of your requirements and demands. They can be used for any training. You can get these best boxing gloves for training in any color you want. The customer rating of these gloves is about 4.5 out of 5, and that is quite good. You can get these gloves at their store or amazon quickly. The glove’s size range from 10oz to 16oz, so you are clear that you will find the right size and perfect weight for your beginning gloves here.

Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves 2023

Another best boxing gloves for training is the ringside apex gloves. These gloves have a tapered wrap-around closure that allows getting a good experience of non-slippery wrist support. These gloves are specially designed to be used for MMA, Muay Thai or standard kickboxing. The boxing gloves have a stay-dry lining that allows the user to get the most hygienic environment inside them when being used. They have ventilation holes in palm and the thumb side that dries the sweating immediately. These amazingly featured boxing gloves are a bit expensive, but they are an all-rounder you’ve been looking for.

Century Strive Washable Boxing Gloves 2023

The Century Strive Boxing Gloves are too one of a kind for the straightforward truth that they are laundered able! Having laundered ready boxing gloves is an immense favorable position in keeping your gloves clean. Because you burned some severe calories in your last exercise, you shouldn’t endure sweat-soaked, stinky gloves whenever you train. These Century Strive Boxing Gloves were explicitly intended for Women and are made for a progressively restricted clench hand. Getting your hands on these best boxing gloves for training is a must, especially for female beginners.

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves 2023

These amazing boxing gloves are specially made for competitions, mitt training and even for the heavy bag boxing training. If you are looking for some best boxing gloves for training that are used for some serious heavy boxing, then you can consider buying these boxing gloves. The size of these gloves comes in a variety of range. You can get these gloves in size ranging from 8oz to 16oz. other than that you can get 10 different color varieties in these gloves. If you are a beginner with heavy training then does not waste your time and go for buying the Venum contender boxing gloves.

Sanabul Essential Boxing Gloves 2023

This one is the unique boxing glove you will find in this list. The best boxing gloves for training is featured with the gel impact protection foam that gives excellent protection to the user’s hand and keeps them secure from any serious injury during training. You won’t find such secured and amazing gel impact formula in any other pair of gloves in the market. These gloves are unbeatable; they are featured with holes on the palm that keeps the glove cool while training and absorbs the sweating immediately while keeping the gloves dry all the time. These gloves are quite affordable for the beginners providing all the excellent features buying these gloves are worth it.

Everlast Pro Style Boxing Gloves 2023

These exclusive pair of gloves is specially designed for the beginners to start their journey. These best boxing gloves for training are specially designed for boxing games. Everlast is the brand that never let its users down.

The gloves are installed with the best feature of mesh panels that keeps the hands fresh when they are used. Other than that the gloves have an antimicrobial treatment that keeps the gloves secure from any sweating and unnecessary smell. The user of the gloves always feels energetic and fresh when using them. If you in search of a quality brand that gives you a complete package including freshness and good grip then the everlast pro style boxing gloves are the one you are finding.

Fairtex Boxing Gloves 2023

Fairtex consistently conveys with regards to quality. The Fairtex Boxing Gloves incorporate a fresh out of the plastic new plan of cushioning that makes the weight exceptionally steady and right. Made of “Smaller scale Fiber” which makes these gloves a scentless material, tolerable, adaptable, delicate and smooth touch.

These best boxing gloves for training are handcrafted in Thailand; however, what makes them not quite the same as the rest is the incredible wrist bolster they offer. Fairtex is a quality brand that will stand the trial of opportunity with regards to Muay Thai and Boxing. These are my undisputed top choice for best boxing gloves for fledglings that begin preparing Muay Thai.

Important things to consider for your new pair of gloves

If you are a beginner, then you much be excited and nervous at the same time to buy your new pair of gloves for training classes. This is not rocket science that you won’t understand. Some of the factors are necessary to be known before you are out to buy your new pair of gloves. Here is a short help from our side for the beginners to choose the right type of gloves for their training and start their boxing journey successfully.

Glove Size and weight

If you are a beginner, then choosing the right glove is a quite tricky decision for you because the market is filled with lots of varieties of gloves for the beginners. The weight of the gloves matters a lot. When you are out to buy the best boxing gloves for training purpose you need to be clear about all the specifications or your gloves you want.

Be clear about the size and the weight of your gloves. The most popular sold glove sizes are of 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz gloves. You can get a wide range of gloves even if you want lighter or heavier gloves you can purchase them. But if you are buying the gloves for training purpose, then you should lie in between this size range.

The size and the weight of the gloves depend upon the inside padding of the gloves. If you choose a heavier pair of gloves, then you will get more padding layer for your gloves, and it is safer for your hands. You will get good protection with heavy gloves, but your boxing speed will be affected with them, and you’ll get tired earlier than with the standard weighted gloves.

I recommend you to buy the best boxing gloves for training that lies between the size and weight of 12oz . You’ll utilize this weight 90% of the ideal opportunity for cushions and sack work. On the off chance that you are a substantial weight and you hit hard, you might need to think about utilizing 14oz gloves for general preparing. If you need to fight and you are less than 180lbs, you’ll have to purchase another pair of gloves that are 16oz. For substantial loads, you may require 18oz gloves for competing.

Glove material

Another important factor that you must consider when you are buying the best boxing gloves for training is that consider yourself as a beginner and give priority to your comfort and protection.

Gloves are made of multiple materials, and all are of different kinds. Some material is used to make the gloves for the beginners while some material is especially used to manufacture the gloves for professionals. You need to be specific while choosing the material for your gloves. The type of glove material you will choose will affect your comfort and the durability of the gloves. The best boxing gloves for training are not much expensive so you all you need to think are about the material that is best for you.

The most commonly used material for the gloves are:


If you are in search of good yet cheap and cost-friendly gloves than the gloves made with vinyl are the best boxing gloves for training. Most of the beginners choose vinyl gloves for their practice, and you can buy these gloves at a range of about $20-40 easily.

If you want to practice every day, then these gloves are not much good then leather because they won’t work for a long time and they might get hot and sweaty if you use them for a long time. They are good if you want them for simple practice and want some basic fitness lessons like little boxing. Otherwise, you should go with the leather gloves if you are a fitness freak and want to use the gloves for some actual boxing.

Leather gloves

There are two types of leather gloves now you need to read the description of both the types and then decide which glove you want for your training

Polyurethane leather gloves

Polyurethane leather is actually manufactured leather, and it looks exactly like the original leather. The gloves made with polyurethane are called the best boxing gloves for training because the material is quite durable and long-lasting than the vinyl gloves. You can buy these gloves within the price range of $30-$120. Buying polyurethane gloves for your starting session is a good option if you want something long-lasting and protective.

Genuine leather gloves

If you are searching for the best quality and long-lasting best boxing gloves for training, then you will have to spend a bit more money and buy the fantastic genuine leather gloves. The price range of genuine leather gloves varies $60-$400. You can use genuine leather gloves for a long time.

Leather is such a material that molds according to the shape of your hand, and it gets better with the time. You might feel these gloves uncomfortable in the beginning, but as the time will pass these gloves will get smoother, and you’ll get used to them. These best boxing gloves for training are durable, the material is perfect for your knuckles protection, and they are long-lasting.

Glove closure

Another essential feature that you must consider while buying your best boxing gloves for training is to choose the best glove closure. The glove closure makes a huge different on how you will use your pair of gloves.

There are generally two types of glove closures

  • Laces
  • Velcro

Laces or bands give you a more tightly, progressively stable fit to your glove while Velcro’s are a snap to fix and slacken. For your normal instructional course and for a great many people, Velcro pass on is the best choice. It’s anything but difficult to close your glove in a flash. With bound gloves, it’s difficult to tie up your very own gloves; this makes it a two-man errand to get your gloves on and off.

Getting your water or, god disallow, utilizing the washroom are staggeringly testing exercises with bound gloves on. So when you are choosing one of the best boxing gloves for training then it better to choose the Velcro glove closure option because it is going to be your beginning and you need to avoid any inconvenience as much as possible.

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